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Each of the holes at Somerset Hills is given a name (a practice that I, for some reason, support and enjoy very much). If I were to name a quintessential "member's course" I would be hard pressed to name those able to exceed what Somerset Hills provides. The fairway sweeps down towards a large like before turning 90degrees to the right with a green placed on the side of the large lake.The golfer can fade the driver leaving only a short approach of some 120 yards, or take the conservative option of a 3 wood,playing to the left leaving a considerably longer second shot. This is why it is often advisable to play a very good golf course at least three times before one does an evaluation. Par 4 – 460/429. What is left is a beautiful view of a short par 3 with the pond fronting the green, going down the left side and continuing to a part of its rear. The difficulty for most players is the possibility of a hanging lie for their approach shot. SOMERSET HILLS III DECLARATION OF COVENANTS, CONDITIONS AND RESTRICTIONS THIS DECLARATION, made on the date hereinafter set forth by BREEDEN LAND CO., hereinafter referred to as "Declarant." In 2017 Brian suggested altering the par five 10th to a short par four, allowing holes 11 and 18 to be lengthened. In Daniel Wexler's book "The American Private Golf Club Guide" the author mentions "with the exception of building a new green to convert the 10th hole into a par 5 during the 1940s... precious little has changed here in over 90 years.". West Point, NY. At the end of the season, the monies will be distributed to any professional in the fund who had an Ace in any Section event throughout the season. It is a fairly sharp dogleg to the right with a slight uphill tee shot to a wide fairway. Somerset Hills VIII Declaration of Covenants, Conditions and Restriction [sic], recorded October 26, 1978, in the Lane County land records as No. I put it in the top 150 in the USA. If one hits anywhere near the middle of the green the ball is going to go all the way to the back left, possibly just off the green into the rough. There are two other sets of tees and two additional combination tees. Was this review helpful? Along with the 1st and 2nd I feel the 7th and 8th represent the strongest hole son the front nine. Somerset Hills represents the type of club that I like very much. The golf juices really get going in a big time manner with the superb Redan-style par-3 2nd. The fairway is narrow. A view of a green at Somerset Hills Country Club Somerset Hills CC. Somerset Hills is another A.W Tillinghast masterpiece. The green has a steep bank on its right to send balls to the left while the smaller bank on the left in the middle of the green might save a ball from entering the bunker. Par 4 – 350/326. Off to the left are four bunkers with the final one at the back of the green. Par 4 – 376/364. Playing with woods to the left and open ground to the right, this is a slightly uphill tee shot with no view of the green from the tee. In a rapidly changing technological world, we hope to pass on to future generations the traditions of simple elegance that are Somerset Hills Country Club. Three putts later I walked off disgusted with myself, the surfaces roll exceptionally well and are extremely quick, but also contain some of the most interesting and fun contours one will ever encounter. Another bunker awaits on the right side at the green which is steeply banked back-to-front with a sort of second tier. The routing is wonderful and there are several standout holes. This is a fine, long hole but not quite as interesting as the first hole. Once you make the turn you it is almost like you have been transported to another course, from when you leave the 10th tee, the course begins to wind its way between beautiful woodland, only reappearing at the 18th green. Somerset Hills Country Club was formed in 1899 for social and recreational purposes. It's not a long hole but it requires total commitment to execution and faith in the yardage sought. A couple good example are the 11th which works its way down towards the pond, doglegs hard right back up the hill for the approach and the very strong par 4, 15th begging a tee shot that take off as much as you can chew to cut the corner. The ideal shot will land short of the green and run onto the surface. While I liked Somerset Hills after my initial visit, I thought there were too many “average” holes, felt a few holes were disconnected/inconsistent with the rest of the course, and thought there were only four very good holes – the first, second, eighth, and fifteenth. Somerset Hills Country Club has a rich history that began over 100 years ago. The course plays to 6784 yards from the Blue tees, par 71, rated 73.2/137. The stretch of closing holes at SHCC, is as an interesting blend of holes you will find. It is a difficult par despite the large size of the green. This course expertly makes use of the land as a primary design feature from the location of the tees to the location of the greens. What a lovely walk with no two holes even similar to each other with what kind of feels like butterfly wings routing that constantly changes directions and challenges your entire bag. 3. This is a blind approach shot to a back-to-front sloping green with a hill behind it. There are also two bunkers placed on the back left. The green has higher ground to its left and a fall-off right into those bunkers. The back nine is set within the forest, has many tree-lined holes, and has much more change in elevation. I don't see the course being that high because the competition for such consideration has clearly intensified. Somerset Hills enjoyed the reputation as ‘a sleepy club’ when the author lived in Bernardsville in the mid-1980s. This dogleg left has an elevated tee playing over a small valley ultimately to higher ground. Was this review helpful? Missing short is OK -- just stay away from errs to either right or left as a series of pesky bunkers will make their presence known. The fairway sits between apple trees on either side which is why the hole is named “orchard.” Going right off the tee will lead into the trees. 9. But first of all you’ll need to befriend a kindly member because Somerset Hills is yet another of America’s prestigious private clubs. The founders were primarily New York City residents and, thus, the use of “country” in the name of their Club. After the tee shot, about halfway to the hole on the left is a small bunker. 13. There is a discussion about leaving the hole the same, converting it to a par 4 by moving the tee box forward, or moving the green as much as 70 yards into the woods that the club owns, but replicating the green. From my first visit, “happy valley” is the hole I remember the most and thought to be the best on the back nine. Par 4 – 413/388. After playing the hole and walking up the hill behind the green to the thirteenth tee, one should turn at look back up the twelfth, eleventh, seventeenth and eighteenth to the clubhouse sitting high on the hill. It has two distinctly different sets of nine. That being I found anyone I met at Somerset Hills to be most friendly and welcoming, respectful of the game they take great pride in their club. One could make a case for all three options (leave as is, lengthen ten, or lengthen eleven), and probably not make an incorrect decision. The big hitters will hit to the bottom of the hill leaving a short to mid-iron to the green. The first h... Ohio State is blessed with two Alister MacKenzie courses. Getting everything right at a golf club is more art than science, but at Somerset Hills they have it all figured out. I could play here every day. Hit too far right and one will be in tall fescue. The two nines are different. I love the Redan rendition that is the 2nd hole, what a wonderful green and fun shot from the tee. Most of them at least 3 times. Filed Under: Featured , Meetings , News Many new course designers could do well to examine Somerset, its not overly long (geographical constraints etc) but through other features it still poses a stiff test. See other reviews from Doug Roberts. “Westward Ho” is often criticized for being too short as well as offering an opportunity to shorten the hole by playing left down the first fairway (simple solution: make it out-of bounds to do so). 0 people found this review helpful Farmingdale, NJ. The tee shot is downhill and blind with deep fescue left and trees and a brook to the right. Most believe the play to the hole is more from the right as the green is angled right to left with a substantial tilt to the left. He had to consider woods, ponds, streams, valleys, a quarry, rises, and hills. For “eye candy” purposes there are three cross bunkers placed in the valley below the front of the green. The 205-yard, par-3 2nd at Somerset Hills Country Club in Bernardsville, N.J. Two bunkers guard the left side of the fairway which has several rolls in it. Was this review helpful? Bigger hitters will carry the rise and have their balls run out as the hole goes slightly downhill. The course plays to 6,756 from the championship tees and 6,384 from the regular tees to a par of 71. It remains to be seen what the club will decide as the tenth green is very good with a very pronounced back to front tilt leading to a false front where balls will release back into the front bunkers. 14. Par 4 – 415/393. Somerset Country Club • 1416 Dodd Road, Mendota Heights, MN 55118 © 2018 - 2020 All Rights Reserved The long par-4 7th has been pushed to 487 yards and is one of the best holes in all of New Jersey golf. One could argue it is Mr. Tillinghast’s “masterpiece” among many outstanding golf courses. Par 4 – 370/355. In discussing golf courses with some of my golfing friends, they were often surprised I did not rate Somerset Hills (or Shoreacres) very highly. 11. It's actually a... Old Corkscrew is named quite well. Tillinghast creation and it’s naturally natural with nothing brash or ostentatious about the course. The founders were primarily New York City residents and, thus, the use of “country” in the name of their Club. My understanding is that the club does not own the land behind the hole in order to lengthen it. It is one of the most intimidating yet beautiful and thought-provoking par 3’s in the world. The green is the end point and being aware of the pin position is central to leaving with your ego and scorecard in working order. The fairway is interrupted at its turn by a complex of bunkers and raised mounds that appear very “rough.” This area is about 40 yards long. A fall view from Somerset Hills Country Club Somerset Hills CC. Par 3 – 230/205. I have played here in the fall when the trees are at a peak “red” near the entrance road and the color is amazing. Somerset Hills is my #2 in NJ. Tillinghast, the Somerset Hills golf course opened in 1899. This sharp dogleg right has trees down both sides but the right side can be carried by the better player, leaving perhaps as little as 190 yards to the green. My only downside to the outward half is the par-5 9th. 1 person found this review helpful The front nine is relatively flat and plays on relatively open ground in the area where a former racetrack was situated. The second nine other than the greens and the two par 3''s is very ordinary. When you stand on the first tee at SHCC, what you are immeaditely struck by is the vast open expanse that lies in front of you, with strips of fairway meandering across the rolling (hills) landscape, bordered by fescue ans sparse foliage. I do not think the pin is often placed in this position, but if it is, a 3 or 4-putt is a real possibility. The course starts with a strong par-4 opener as the fairway bends to the right and requires a talented blending of strength and placement. The ideal line to the green is from the right where a single bunker is placed inside the fairway at about 210 yards. #Jr. Register ($86-$106) USAT. The fairway plays uphill from the tee box. Homeowners Association Archives : Covenants, Conditions, and Restrictions (CC&Rs) Our CC&R documents describe the legal terms under which the Association operates and the rules to which all homeowners - and their tenants and guests - must adhere. 1 person found this review helpful The green is sloped so keenly anything missing on the same side will be tested to the max. From the tee there is a large bunker to clear before the start of the fairway and another bunker placed on the left about 230 yards out. It is a nice par 3 although lessened a bit by the loss of the tree. Yet the green is not as sloped on the back half as much as it appears. Arguably the most difficult hole on the golf course, this dogleg right plays downhill for the approach shot. From the tee there is no view of the second half of the fairway nor the angle of the dogleg. It is one of the largest greens on the course and due to the undulations has numerous options for the pin. Down both sides are woods. Unlike the sixth hole which likely cannot be lengthened unless land was acquired by the club, the club does own an adequate amount of land in the woods behind the tenth green. Make sure there is an adequate amount in the reserves in case of major problems such as: roof repairs, asphalt repairs, pool issues and/or property defects. The front nine has some wonderfully contoured greens, and though many tee shots require... Outside of the Sandhills region, Greensboro arguably boasts more breadth and depth of g... Having this course on the top 100 list and leaving out North New Jersey's finest -. Was this review helpful? This is a good golf hole. Register ($150) NJGA. There is a bunker right and two to the left. The finishing hole at Somerset Hills Country club is pure Tillinghast. The course has two perfectly manicured grass tennis courts, confirming its gentrified and genteel approach as a private club. As I stood on the second tee, disgusted with my opening three putt, I almost didnt take time to enjoy what lay in front of me, one of the best examples of a redan hole I have ever witnessed. The fairway has a slight separation although I do not think the taller grass is much of an issue if you find yourself in there. Eagle Oaks G&CC. Jun 26. While thirteen goes out to the farthest corner of the course on the back nine (thus is named “corner”), fourteen runs parallel back the other way. Left of the green set well below it are two deep bunkers while on the right front is a single bunker. One of Tillinghast's finest. This one is #3 of those. For today’s game for the better players, this hole needs another 40-75 yards. Cheddar Gorge is a limestone gorge in the Mendip Hills, near the village of Cheddar, Somerset, England.The gorge is the site of the Cheddar show caves, where Britain's oldest complete human skeleton, Cheddar Man, estimated to be 9,000 years old, was found in 1903. 4. There is a center bunker about 20 yards short of the green with another one built into the right side of the hill where sits a plateau green. 63 on Golf Digest's America's 100 Greatest Courses of 2019-20. This hole is pure fun and a visual delight from the fairway. 16. The mounds are sufficiently raised such that if one is short and the pin is located behind them, you will have a semi-blind shot. Tillinghast was once quoted as saying that the strength of a course could be judged by its short holes, maybe this was self appreciation, but at SHCC they all get an A+. The greens and the green surrounds are some of the best one will ever play anywhere. This is followed by a handful of dolomites on the left while the right side is littered with dolomites for the separation from the fourth hole. The dogleg plays around the apple orchard that is now to the left. The Somerset County Business Partnership is a unique organization that creates “vibrant connections” with our partners in the public and private sectors to build a prosperous and sustainable future in Somerset County, NJ. Many of these hills are important historical, archaeological … Par 4 – 344/301. Somerset Hills Country Club has a rich history that began over 100 years ago. 0 people found this review helpful The club was formed in 1899 for social and recreational purposes. But there is nothing wrong with a risk-reward par 5 for the better players. There is a bunker front right that leads to a semi-blind shot such is its depth. As I said at the outset -- the greens at Somerset Hills are an amazing element. 0 people found this review helpful Behind the green is also a bunker. Strong players will no doubt leave themselves shorter approaches but being on the correct side of the fairway and knowing where to finish with the approach still keeps players on their toes. I just recently came back from a repeat visit to Somerset Hills and what a joy it is to return to this wonderful old world course. Philadelphia Junior. I do not find the tee shot to be very interesting but the approach into a magnificent green complex make this a compelling golf hole. It is a very tricky hole and a good one. Another bunker sits off to the left that is a part of the fourth hole. I also now think the second hole is likely the finest redan in the world. This dogleg right measures just three feet over 500 yards and is thus very reachable in two strokes. The 12th is a stunning little par 3, of only some 130 yards, to a tiny green perched on the side of the lake, if you play the hole with a member you will see them shrewdly pitching the ball high on the right side, allowing it to trickle back down the slope onto the green. There is a single large bunker on the right. This is one of the best courses that not many have heard of and if you get the much coveted chance to play here, its not something you should think twice about. When people think of New Jersey, or often than not the images of swamps, the sopranos and industry spring to mind and for the parts of the state that many get to see this is very true, however what many people are not aware of is the beautiful rolling countryside in places such as Somerset and Morris counties, which are home to some of the most affluent suburbs of New York City. The green surrounds feature two prominent mounds on both corners of the front of the green. West Point. As with all land, different routing options were available to Mr. Tillinghast, yet it is so clear that he chose the correct one. From an elevated tee one can see what is expected of you…..hit somewhere about 7 yards short of the green or the very front with as high a shot as one can hit as they ball will travel onto the surface to the left. The fairway tilts a bit to the right as it falls down to the green. © 2020 Somerset Hills Country Club. 18. The par-4 15th has been cited as blending beauty and strategy in a seamless manner. I've left wondering if this isn't the best course Tillinghast ever routed. a very good par 3 and 2 fun par 4 holes playing down the hill and right back up to the clubhouse. This hole plays basically straight, although the fairway squeezes in at the landing zone from the right side. Balls hit a bit too hard have a chance of coming back onto the green. Tillinghast | 6,784 yard | Avg Par 3: 189 Older remains from the Upper Late Palaeolithic era (12,000–13,000 years ago) have been found. The rounds I had played at Somerset Hills before the most recent one (Sept 5, 2020) formed an impression in my mind that holes thirteen through fifteen were “disconnected” from the rest of the course as they set on their own piece of land with their own woods. Somerset Hills does not. The green has a lot of interior movement to it, to a front left swale forcing balls back down the green, a lower right half, and various little ripples. The green runs away from you overall but has large spines in it. Somerset Hills is the kind of course that golfers -- not people who simply play the game -- should have the privilege in playing. That is completely false information. But both are fabulous. None of this really prepares you for the green, a sort of Biarritz swale set almost in the middle of the green with the swale on both sides about 15 inches deep. Designed by A.W. The left mound has two bunkers built into it and another bunker left of that. Par 3 – 170/162. Everything about the place is understated, the clubhouse , the entrance, even the pro shop is petite, if you were to drive past you would be hard pushed to notice that one of the world's greatest courses was in front of you. In 2000, Bernardsville had the 10th-highest per capita income in the state. It doesn''t make top 5 for me and I''ve played over 100 courses in New Jersey. What is currently being considered for the tenth hole is lengthening it by as much as 60-70 yards as Mr. Doak and the club think there is a suitable location in the woods behind the current green. The right side offers three bunkers. However, since the hole turns left -- it's just as easy for players to hit a drive down the adjoining 1st hole and possibly leave a shorter second into the green. Down the right side are five small bunkers followed by a large bunker probably 250 yards from the tee. Golf Club Atlas described this hole as "A treasure in American golf; there are few more natural or appropriate water par threes". The next four holes contain a mix of two short par fours, a par 5 (short by today's length, and an excellent uphill par 4 (4th) with a dangerous back to front sloping green. The first couple of times I played this hole I did not think as much of it as I was sufficiently long off the tee. The 10th is a soft par 5, which presents an interesting tee shot requiring a power fade or towering draw to evade the encroaching trees. All Rights Reserved. Down the left side is a large bunker more in play for the shorter hitter. My first ranking of Somerset Hills was wrong after the first time I played it. A truly great hole. While the hole is named “despair,” no matter how you played it, you will soon forget your score when looking at that view. These mounds were put in place to separate the fourth from the sixth hole but do come into play as there are many of them. The green has several humps and mounds in it, overall going to the left. I like the options presented here. The hole is a 300 yards par four. Register ($100) NJPGA. Iron play is particularly important because being on the short side can quickly result in bogeys or worse. I still feel that way but not quite as strongly. I walked away thinking the greens and green complexes were very good, but otherwise it was an above average course. From the fairway this appears to be an infinity green. Was this review helpful? Modern technology allowed strong players to hit over a rise in the terrain and leave themselves nothing but a short yardage to the hole. Raven's Claw GC. The tee shot is semi blind, with trouble on both sides, the tempatation is to hit toward the side one can see best(the left) but in reality there is planty of room down the right and this offers the best line of attack into another viciously sloping green, which seems to have a few elephants buried under it. From the left side to a right pin it is both fast and breaking towards that right front bunker. Register ($175-$200) NJGA. Of the courses that I have played, Somerset Hills is the course that has risen in my personal rankings after every time I play it. Bernardsville, NJ Jun 1 Open to NJPGA Assistants/Apprentices Employed and in Good Standing who have previously registered for their Player Card and Assistant Dues. There are two bunkers right that also sit inside the line of the fairway about 100 yards out. The final par-3 comes at the 16th. There's a bunker cut-off similar and it can be carried. On the left back of the green there are two bunkers. Tillie simply used the land he found -- there's no insertion of extras -- the hole sells itself brilliantly in showing that "less is indeed more." Now I would place it nearly 100 places higher. Off to the left near a large pond is a long, thin bunker designed to stop balls from entering the pond as it sits at the bottom of the fall-off. Par 4 - 462/445. I hit my drive to the right first cut of rough. The bigger danger is the trees on the left that pinch the fairway about 165 yards from the green, more so from the left. Was this review helpful? #Am. The course rating is 71.8 and it has a slope rating of 129 on Bent grass. Nick, Respond to above review  Never pass up a chance to play here. Grandover East course is pretty much what one would expect of resort golf. Sadly, the tree is now gone. Curtis Cup, While Somerset Hills will never host a major tournament as the top players would likely score rounds well below par if their putting is on, it is a course that one will enjoy playing every day. The green is fronted by two deep bunkers to a “hot-air balloon” green with its narrow opening. Although the green looks like it might tilt towards the stream, it tilts towards the sixteenth hole off to the right where there is lower ground. There is a bunker right that is easily carried. Par 4 – 404/373. The members of the course have something very special here in both their clubhouse, the setting, the tennis area, as well as a magnificent golf course. It is almost like a scene from Oakmont (post tree removal). My second shot found the middle of the green and I thought to myself, "ah a nice two putt par start", but as I reached the green I fully appreciated Somerset's core defence, its greens. The Somerset HOA Beverly Hills, CA Before buying in The Somerset HOA you will want to check out their reserve funds, budgets, bylaws as well as the rules and restrictions of the community. The course is not a "championship course" by any means but includes a rich variety of fascinating design elements that speak volumes on the details that famed architect A.W.

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