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Sorry to have to say 'no' again. And yes, we'll know. (In other words: we will do our absolute best to get you the vehicle when and where you want it, however if you change your mind after we've scheduled our guys, we may charge you for it). stand-by) one-day rentals on weekends on a walk-in basis only. With Exotic Car Rental Miami constantly expanding fleet, we offer only the finest luxury and exotic cars from around the world. Find a program near you and sign up on the Enterprise CarShare site. Orlando Exotic Car Rentals, We are a partnership of some of the best Exotic and Luxury Car Rental company's around the Orlando and Miami Area we offer a premier service to all of our clients, from when you walk into our facility , all the way to when we deliverer and pickup your vehicle. I hear that it is incurable, not terminal, but thankfully treatable. Explore some frequently asked questions to learn how you can rent the car of your dreams. One of the advantages of having our own fleet of delivery trucks is that we can get your awesome exotic cars … Any changes to pick-up or delivery times/locations with less than 24 hours notice may incur an additional transportation fee. Exotic Car Collection. We understand that many of our clients only have a need for a vehicle for a time period of less than a day, however by renting it to you for even 10 minutes, we are eliminating the possibility that we can rent the car to another customer. Vehicles are delivered to you with a full tank of gas and can be returned full, empty, or anywhere in between. Vehicles are available on special request for door-to-door delivery anywhere in New England. 132. We provide storage of your vehicle at our locations at no charge. Yes. Big places. With our impressive selection of premium luxury and performance vehicles, you’ll experience a thrill that will stay with you long after the rental return. Exotic looks, power, and smooth driving.Available in: Boston, New York, Philadelphia, Doors up, wind in your hair, heart-stopping looks. If you're looking to turn heads, the GranTurismo will do the trick. We can arrange for insurance coverage for those international visitors renting for a minimum of two days. 650HP and 650ft/lb of torque. Our wonderful rental vehicles may not be used: In the event of a violation of these Prohibited Uses, we reserve the right to end your rental and retrieve the vehicle. Additional drivers may be listed on your Rental Agreement at no additional charge. an experience that many have come to expect when in other destination cities like la, nyc, or miami now can be found in the pacific northwest. 711 Atlantic Ave. Leather District.   |   Welcome to Gotham Dream Cars™ -- New York, Miami, and Los Angeles' premier exotic car rental and exotic car experience company, featuring "ultra-exotic" and luxury cars from the most exclusive … From exotic sports cars to luxury sedans and SUVs, the Exotic Car Collection by Enterprise offers an exceptional selection and the trusted, personalized service of Enterprise. Choose from an exciting selection of luxury rentals ranging from European to American classic convertibles, SUVs, sports cars and much more. We can ship cars anywhere, so we'll do our best to make it happen for you. All rights reserved. Book your next exotic car rental in Las Vegas with Dream Exotics. After that, mileage rates differ depending on the vehicle - check out the car information pages for specifics. about the exotic car collection by enterprise. Anything over 200 miles costs you $4.95/mile. At the time of rental you … 949-945-2614. 3. Luxury Car Rental Imagine sliding into the seat of a sleek sports car, buckling yourself into an elite towering SUV or feeling the soft sophisticated comfort of a luxury saloon... All the vehicles on this site are kept in pristine condition and arrive on time, washed and clean, with a full tank of gas. RENT THE LUXURY. This deposit is fully refundable following the completion of the rental. Blog Due to the extremely high cost of the vehicles we offer, it is our policy to take a refundable security deposit for all our rentals and Dream Car Tour participants. Exotic Car Rental: New Jersey Explore Our Exotic and Luxury Cars. The good news is that it does not matter what you drive personally - as long as you have insurance in good standing, your carrier will cover damages to our cars (think of it as if you were driving down the road and caused an accident with a guy in a Ferrari -- your insurance will cover the damages even if you're driving a VW). luxury car rentals of Texas offering exotic car rentals in Houston, Dallas, Austin and San Antonio.

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