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The scent makes me feel like I'm wrapped up in an oversized, heavy blanket, gives me a mug of a warm, sugary drink, and puts a cat in my lap on a cold day. To me this is a lighter better version of the original Wonderstruck. "I wrote the lyric, 'I'm wonderstruck, blushing all the way home,' for the song 'Enchanted… haha but i like it anyway. Overall it's a good easy reach fragrance! Something in it reminds me of rotten fruit doused in bug spray. I love wearing this during fall. Since then I've given it another chance and found that actually, it really is beautiful. The fruits are sugary but they do not come off as cheap. It's a gorgeous blast of berry cobbler with a healthy dusting of powdered sugar on top. Massive flop for me this one, I will continue to search for the purple one in my local department stores. Despite their mutual feelings, the two never officially dated. Swift wrote the album entirely by herself, and co-produced … My new signature scent, along with Alien by Thierry Mugler! I like them both, they are easy to wear at home for weekends. I'm not saying that they smell alike, but they strike me in the same way - a thick, sultry, vanilla where the vanilla isn't the star of the show. On me, it's a deep vanilla with sugared berries, with an underpinning of woodsy notes. Something similar to Escadas or Victoria's Secret. It says "Enchanted Wonderstruck Taylor Swift… Event Details, Videos, Merchandise & More At least that's what I think. I purchased a small spray bottle of this and the original Wonderstruck for five bucks, which is how much they should cost as they both have the quality of a body spray. I'm not liking this scent, the wood note is quite dominant. I love the cute charms on the bottle too! It's special! It sure doesn't hang around long, but Wonderstruck Enchanted is just SO delicious smelling that it remains a "love" for me. I bought this baby hoping to find my winter scent and as much as I enjoyed wearing it last night I'm not sure this is what I'm craving! Lasts around 4 hours. He was somebody that I had talked to a couple of times … Sweet, juicy, sugary. It was a blind buy and I am not disappointed. Label Wonderstruck Enchanted was created by Loc Dong and Jean-Marc Chaillan. It seriously smells like sweet/tart berries covered in granulated sugar!! Unfortunately this one wears off of me very quicky and I can't even smell it after an hour. Berries and vanilla, this is very gourmand, I actually think the dry down reminds me of vanilla ice cream! I really wish this scent lasted longer, it poofs very quickly for me but I still love it. This was my signature scent for my teens, it is a little sweet and heady, the musky vanilla and berries works well on my skin chemistry and is especially good for fall weather. perfect balance this is beautiful all year around, but during the summer time, I can smell more fruit, including that passionfruit in the winter it becomes more tangy sugary powder. on me, this smells almost exactly the same as ange au demon le secret, but with some added spice, and i love that, because i like warmer smells, and ange au demon gives me a rash! I'm not very good at picking out notes yet, but I can definitely smell the berries and maybe a subtle hint of vanilla. 4 contributors total, last edit on May 19, 2019. I know it doesn't sound very interesting on paper but it's surprisingly nice once you've had it on for a few minutes! I've reviewed this before, but I'm going to write another because my perception of this has changed slightly since. Normally, I'll dab perfume on one wrist, rub it with the other, and then apply to my neck, and it lasts a while. It's very sweet, with a bright burst of fruit at the beginning, then vanilla and sugar at the forefront through the drydown. I find it projects well and it has a more mature vibes than Meow which is more a fresh vanilla musk. My new fav. Yes it is another sweet vanilla celebrity scent but it is really quite nice, so give it a try! Still really nice. really nice perfume. People think because a perfume smells wintery or summery that it is made just for those seasons but you are WRONG. Intro: G, Bm, Cadd9, G Verse 1: G Bm Here I was again tonight forcing laughter, faking smiles Cadd9 G Same old tired, lonely place Walls of insincerity Bm Cadd9 G … I have had 2, 100ml bottles, and I just ordered a 3rd bottle. It has pretty decent sillage, and lasts FOREVER. The whole fragrance works I love it from first spray right until its dry down. I don't care much for the raspberry in the original. It last all day, such a good lasting power. This is a lovely warm musky vanilla with sweet berries. It smells exactly like red berries,warm musk,and some vanilla all in one! Sweet sweet sweet but with a bit of warmth which is RIGHT up my fragrance alley. The vanilla in it does remind me of Meow or Dazzle by Paris Hilton but the deep red berries/sweetness is totally different. But it is fun for every once and a while. This is a hidden gem. Sugar and berries and magic to wear in a winter wonderland. I didn't realize that it would smell so sweetly wonderful as well. Both are very heavy and suffocating with a very heavy generic musky base that just doesn’t mesh with my skin or my nose. The bottle is a good match for the perfume. I find this to be lighter than the original. really love this ! Doesn't last long, is very one note, boring. I got an inital hint of vanilla that disappated rather quickly, but none of the incense notes that others have mentioned have cropped up. Then after a few minutes it almost completely fades away to something that reminds me of vicks. But i would reccommend testing this before you buy because i know not all people would love this one. I'm finding this to be a very nice, inoffensive fragrance; sweet, but not sickeningly so; and just fun to wear. students remarked (without being asked!) Good work Swiftie. On me it smells like that strange, hard-to-describe, yet gross smell that welcomes you as you walk into Hollister. Taylor Swift Wonderstruck Enchanted EDP Spray 1.7 fl Boxed New Perfume Parfum . However a relative wore the purple one at a wedding and I was quite fond of the scent- it was blended nicely and smelled rather classy and subtle. Same old tired lonely place. I was enchanted … Enchanted Wonderstruck comes in a spherical bottle with a red holographic coating. Let me start off by saying how much I ADORE this perfume. It was too sickly sweet and reminded me of BS Fantasy. :[. I was hoping it would be sweet and vanilla-like but I was wrong. The two had chatted online and over the phone before meeting for the first time at a party. I've read many reviews about this fragrance and many say this is a (very generic) perfume but I can say this is a VANILLA lovers dream! I tried it on in a store last week because I wasn't wearing any perfume and I instantly fell in love! But ofcourse this enchanted is also good. Delicious. It's a wonderful scent for the right person. I already have the "Wonderstruck" version but I can't really say that I love it. But it’s a hard pass for me since Sweet Like Candy by Ariana Grande is a creamier and much more substantial version of this, which says a lot since Ariana’s fragrances are notorious for being very light. It also stays on your skin for quite a while, longer than some designer perfumes I have, which is always great news! Mouthwatering. I don't think this is a safe blind buy for everyone, but it sure was for me! Reminds me a little of the red bottle Britney spears Fantasy one. Seriously this is my kind of scent, it just smells warm and delicious! It was during a time when I wasn't really into perfume collecting and my knowledge about the matter was limited. A big no for me. A bit too berryish for m taste however. I shall test it again sometime when I get it. The red berries and vanilla are top notes, Wonderstruck enchanted has depth and intrigue, which makes it stand out compared to most celebrity vanilla based scents which are quite generic. And then Taylor Swift got wind of him and you know how that went. … I wish it smelt better because the bottle would've looked so good in my collection. Not a keeper for me, but I am sure I'll have no problem finding it a home! It smells like something artificial and unpleasant. The Sweetest scent i've ever owned.The orinal is alot more charming than this.But hey this could grow on me.will try in different types of weather. I just got this a couple days ago on clearance at Marshalls. This is a strong vanilla spice. Since the original was okay to me, and hello, big discount?, I bought it. It's a pleasant perfume. The bottle is fabulous too... so why not? The scent wafts through the house and I noticed it is very alluring and comforting. (I know, so immature!) I got tempted to buy this perfume because I have the original of it and the bottle looks cute! I don't know if the bottle was spoiled, so I'll try it again if I come across it, but I did not like the cherry medicine scent of that first bottle. The passion fruit and berries are dominate through most of this fragrance. Beautiful fragrance! After an hour or so, the vanilla is the predominant note, accompanied by the faintest smidge of musk and, of course, SUGAR. There I was again tonight, forcing laughter, faking smiles Same old, tired place lonely place Walls of insincerity, shifting eyes and vaca Wonderstruck Enchanted reminds me so much of the fall-time. you have the woody notes and a few flower petals and there you have it! I tried to give a couple chances before giving up, but every time I was met with notes of soured fruit swimming in a smoky, medicinal, chemical mess of a base. At first I preferred the original, but this is a little less generic.It's sweet with a strong hint of berries on my skin, and it lasts quit a while as well. Artist It has a comforting and slightly natural smell to it which makes it a great signature autumn/winter perfume. Take a look at her jaw-dropping net worth. TSWE is sweet, virginal almost the berries are ripe but really haven't been picked she's ready she's waiting with her flowery crown but it's still in the end her first time, warm vanilla with sugar coated berries balanced nicely with musk and blonde woods keep it from becoming cloyingly sweet on my skin. We have an official Enchanted … Help me decide, please. Taylor and Adam Young had been sending emails for a long time, and as she states in an interview, Adam used some words like "enchanted" and "wonderstruck", that she'd never heard before. And this was what I chose. The Official Website of Taylor Swift - folklore album out now! Counter all your quick remarks like passing notes in secrecy. I am thrilled about this $10 purchase and would repurchase for sure. 5/5 ! The bottle and little charms are really cute. There I was again tonight. "Wonderstruck Enchanted is the next chapter in the story of my Wonderstruck fragrance. It’s a burst of berries and sugar with warm vanilla. But after an hour this perfume turned sickly on me. Unlike the other celebrity perfume who had a big box for bottle protection..but i love the printing. Wonderstruck Enchanted by Taylor Swift is a Oriental Vanilla fragrance for women. I gifted myself this for the holiday and I like the sweet berries. For me it's just like "Meow" by Katy Perry. Sadly I'll have to pass on this one. One of my very great signatures :). I have the 30ml, so no charms but the bottle is very pretty. It's sweet like the original but a little heavier and less of the fresh, light vibe. The drydown is normal. If you had vanilla rain on a forst full of berries, you would get this scent. It was used as the theme song for Taylor Swift's new fragrance, Wonderstruck (probably because the word was used in the song's lyrics). After the honey scent wears off, it's just a warm berry vanilla scent. That makes it also smell very enchanted, almost witchy. It was a blind buy, and even though it is a celebrity fragrance and the aforementioned celebrity is Taylor Swift, I expected more after hearing the reviews. I only paid $ 25 AUD for the full size bottle. Anyone that is looking for a decent price on this perfume, go to Fragrancenet find a 35% off coupon, and it will be around $27 for the 100ml gift set, that is an amazing price, since the 100ml bottle on it's own for at least the last two years has been going for between $50 and $60. This is my sisters favourite and i thin it smells lovely. This is such a sweet perfume, I'm liking it! Not something I'd pay 20+ dollars for. At the end (in the drydown) it's vanilla, oriental vanilla: woodsy, powdery and not of a dessert kind. Ok, this is pretty...but far too sweet for me. I bought it because of the reviews and I have the Selena Gomez scent on my shelf so why not get one her BFF's scent too, right? I always layer this with the original Wonderstruck. I wear a lot of mature and/or sillage-bomb scents, things you need to apply with a bit of restraint, so this is a great one to have around for when I need to "let it out," so to speak, because you can really spray it on without it becoming a monster, almost like a body mist. this is a cheapened version of guess gold, I"ve worn this a few times and have yet to manage to come up with a good review - ....Unlike many other hundreds of scents I have worn where I have a way to connect, to express the scent..., Wonderstruck enchanted had me at the concept of dark berries and woodland enchanting promises...but I still don't know how to describe this perfume! Not for me!!!! Wouldn't repurchase due to longevity and lack of uniqueness. It is warm and sweet w/a hint of spice and woods. It has a strong vanilla berry start with a soft and subtle dry down that is more of a woodsy feel. Maybe i'll like the original Wonderstruck bettter. Haunted Lyrics: You and I walk a fragile line / I have known it all this time / But I never thought I'd live to see it break / It's getting dark and it's all too quiet / And I can't trust anything Nice sweet vanilla which sits close to the skin. It has a golden printing with a metalic red color and a beautiful design. Nice sillage, longevity is about 4 hours. My two daughters received this perfume as a gift, I HATE when they wear it. It's sweet, warm, pretty, pleasant. Released The sillage was great at first I mean you could really smell it. I absolutely love this fragrance. It's warm, but I would still wear it all year! If a woman was out on an autumn night, sitting at a little wooden table with a lit vanilla candle eating cherry pie, this is what that would smell like. I don't really get vanilla from this, but I do like it well enough for what it is. I turned to Google looking for an alternative, and I came up with a few options - but this was the best. I only wore it a few times. stronger than the original wonderstruck. I wish I had x.x. This scent comes in a perfume bottle, perfume roller, perfume crayon, body mist, lotion and body gel. A delicious sweet perfume for me to use after a shower when I'm looking to cuddle up to a good book. (And, I admit, I am a total Swifty). I am happy the vanilla note is not overpowering. I thought I was wrong then I sniffed the paper again 2 hours and 4 hours later and it still the same. This is like a man magnet whenever I wear it! I would get compliments all the time and have people stop to ask me what perfume I was wearing. It is definitely on the super sugary sweet side, which I enjoy. The wood note is definitely strong and annoying. slightly stronger than it's blue sister. I went in with sort of high expectations since a friend of mine had empathetically declared this an autumnal Gilmore Girls binging, pumpkin patch, cinnamon sugar apple guilty pleasure.

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