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To prevent this, farmers use gardening shears to cut chunks of skin from the sheep. This stops sheep from defecating properly. Billie Eilish yelling at her followers for saying her shoes were pink and white is the only celebrity drama I want to see in my life EVER again. “You guys are all my fucking dad,” Billie joked with her fans. Some people insisted the dress was blue and black, while others were certain it was gold and white. “I don’t know what happened to you in your fucking childhoods,” Billie teased her fans, “but pink and white?!?”Â. “Billie eilish can fight me idc! The vegan musician shared a video starring Pink that exposes animal cruelty in the wool industry. “Sadly, like any industry that uses animals, the wool trade uses methods so sadistic that it makes you consider clearing your closet of any animal products.”. “I cannot stress it enough,” she said. This site is protected by reCAPTCHA and the Google Privacy Policy and Terms of Service apply. The animals are kept on ships in “miserably hot, cramped and filthy conditions” for weeks. This isn't the first time that the colour of an item of clothing has divided the internet. Cookie Settings The musician says that Merino sheep have been “greedily bred” to have as much skin and wool as possible. 4.5 out of 5 stars (128) 128 reviews. Visit the Official Billie Eilish Amazon Store for Merch, Music and Billie's Song Pairings. The journey kills many of the animals. All Rights Reserved. 35. Seventeen-year-old Eilish took to Instagram to ask her more than 40 million followers to watch a video about the wool industry. Toward the end of the Q&A, one of Billie’s fans asked the singer if she thinks “The Dress” is blue and black or gold and white. In the image, the same sneakers are MINT and white. However, her dad and several of her fans disagree thinking they're pink and white. The Case of Billie’s Mint — or Pink — Nikes. Now a new version is here, with Billie Eilish and her pink white shoes. Some wounds on the “gentle lambs” become infected, attracting even more flies. Billie Eilish wants people to stop buying wool. Back in 2015, 'the dress' went viral with people arguing over whether it was black and blue or white and gold. Mega pop stars including Pink, Katy Perry, Billie Eilish, and the group formerly known as the Dixie Chicks are teaming up with Planned Parenthood for an abortion-themed ad campaign to push voter turnout in battleground states like Florida, Pennsylvania, and Michigan. I seriously don’t give a fuck if they figured out that it actually was a certain color — I don’t give a fuck! She told her followers that she’d voted and that she would be releasing a new song in November. Fights broke out on radio shows, in chat rooms, and across the dinner table. What are those, pink and white?’ Dude. Billie Eilish’s shoes gave fans a flashback to the 2015 viral photo of a dress which the internet couldn’t decide if it was blue and black or pink and white. Most Popular Podcasts for Kids, Tweens, and Teens, Smart Electric Toothbrushes — What You Need to Know. Price and other details may vary based on size and color. There are lots of clothes to buy for a look that kills without killing anything.”. “Like me, you may even look for the stylish alternatives to leather.”, “But what about wool? “Another way to use your power as a consumer to stop cruelty is to avoid wool altogether,” she says. Billie Eilish has sparked a debate between fans over the colour of her trainers. Billie shared a video about how her dad had said her Nike Uptempo’s were pink and white and now her fans were just as bad, apparently, because some of them had said the same thing. “I’m not the one who bought pink and white sneakers!! And if you’re an admirer of Billie’s, and you give credence to anything the green-haired 18-year-old says, you’ll be happy to know she put a decisive end to the years-long argument. “When you see the Merino label, this is what you are paying for,” Pink adds. Eilish posted a video of her holding a pair of Nike Air sneakers while telling a story about how her dad said they’re pink and white. Billie Eilish shared a look at her Nike Air More Uptempo sneakers and caused a major debate over exactly what color they are. “Even if you see something else, you know that I’m right. Like I said, it’s the dress all over again. It drove us crazy. Seventeen-year-old Eilish took to Instagram to ask her more than 40 million followers to watch a video about the wool industry. American singer Pink's remarks on the Black Lives Matter protests have sparked a debate among her fans. 4.5 out of 5 stars 52,674. Top 5 Hollywood news today: 'Friends' reunion still on cards, Amber Heard responds to petition Australia produces most of the world’s wool. Underneath it all.”, Do You Hear ‘Green Needle’ or ‘Brainstorm’? @2019 Parentology. And, it turns out (much to Billie’s chagrin), quite a few of her fans think the sneaks are pink and white, too. Billie Eilish is breaking the internet and it's all because people cannot tell if her shoes are pink and white or green and white. Hanes Mens Pullover Ecosmart Fleece Hooded Sweatshirt. During a Q&A with her 67.6 million followers on Instagram, the 18 … She held up a pair of Nike Air More Uptempo sneakers, and explained that despite the shoes being mint and white, her dad always says the shoes are white and pink. "Not you guys saying they're pink and white too," Billie captioned a video of her shocked face. After the sheep are used for their wool, they are sent to overseas — often to the Middle East — to be killed for meat. And, it turns out (much to Billie’s chagrin), quite a few of her fans think the sneaks are pink and white, too. The Trump administration tried to recruit Billie Eilish for a COVID-19 ad campaign even though she said he is destroying the US. It was clear the two pairs did not share the same color scheme. Billie Eilish has revealed that her new song “Wish You Were Gay” is about a man, disappointing and angering countless queer fans. As Eilish noted in her Instagram Story, the shoes are actually green, even though many people refuse to believe it (and still don’t). That’s what it is. BLACKPINK Jennie, Rosé and Lisa were spotted watching Billie Eilish set at Coachella week 2, on April 20, 2019 local time or April 21, 2019 KST. Billie Eilish spent the weekend arguing with fans about the color of her sneakers. !” $20.35 $ 20. “Years ago, I was wearing these shoes, and my dad’s like, ‘Wow, those shoes are so cool. “Flies lay eggs in these folds and the hatched maggots can eat the sheep alive,” Pink says. Vinyl, hoodies, tees, accessories, and more. In fact, Billie said she had proof the shoes were not pink and white. The singer took to Instagram to show off her new shoes and joked with her fans that they are seeing it all sorts of wrong. Parentology is your information destination for parenting in the digital age. Billie Eilish wants people to think twice about buying wool. CTRL + SPACE for auto-complete. From shop StayWildPrints. In that picture, it’s blue and gold!”. They are “in a constant state of panic,” Pink says. !” one person said. Billie Eilish and Pink have criticised the “All Lives Matter” term in response to the death of a black man who was pinned down by a white police officer in the US. Remember in 2015 when a photo of a dress made its way around the internet and no one could agree on what color it was? Billie Eilish encourages fans to normalize 'real bodies' after she was photographed wearing tighter clothing Merino sheep aren’t native to Australia but are the most widely used in the industry. The What About Us singer reposted singer Billie Eilish’s quote about the current protests in the US.Pink received backlash as she supported Eilish's … Most of us have never thought about it,” she said. She linked to a clip made in 2008 by People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA), the largest animal rights organization in the world. “If you’re like most people then you already refuse to wear fur because of the obvious of cruelty to animals involved,” Pink says in the video. “I know this sounds like a pain in the [expletive] but it’s not so difficult. The 17-year … The stars also acknowledged white privilege while showing support for the Black Lives Matter movement in posts on social media. Billie Eilish has divided internet users as to whether her shoes are pink or green Credit: Instagram She shared a photo over the weekend on Instagram of … Billie joked that her dad says the shoes are pink and white when, according to Billie, they are obviously not. Determined to prove her admirers wrong, Billie took to the internet and showed her fans an image of the shoes. Shop exclusive music and merch from the Official Billie Eilish Store. By signing up you agree to receive emails from LIVEKINDLY and accept our terms of use and privacy & cookie policy. Billie Eilish wants people to think twice about buying wool. Get the latest news, updates, giveaways and more - sent right to your inbox. PINK AND WHITE?!”. The Grammy winner has proof that the sneakers aren't really pink and … Billie was incredulous, repeating – “PINK and whiiiiiite? Billie Eilish was on Instagram answering fan questions when someone brought up The Dress and asked her what color it was. Then she posted another video of the shoes, shot in natural daylight, right next to a pair of pink and white shoes. Those who survive the trip have their throats cut whilst completely conscious. Guess what? Pink urges viewers to boycott the industry until the mutilation of sheep and live exports are banned. This past weekend, the 5-time Grammy Award-winning artist was participating in a Q&A with her fans on Instagram. She posted a couple videos of the shoes and, sure enough, they appeared to be mint and white. Billie joked that her dad says the shoes are pink and white when, according to Billie, they are obviously not. “You guys are all my fucking dad,” Billie joked with her fans. The vegan musician shared a video starring Pink that exposes animal cruelty in the wool industry. Now, back to the dress. They do this in the “cheapest, cruelest, and crudest way” – without any pain relief. Billie took it further. Billie Eilish has just made Grammys history. Over the weekend, Billie Eilish took to her Instagram stories to share why she was exasperated with her father. Write CSS OR LESS and hit save. Billie Eilish jokes 'the whole internet is gaslighting me' because people think her sneakers are pink and white. Billie Eilish's Most Relatable Moments The Internet Is Divided. Billie Eilish, Pink, Beastie Boys, Weezer Sign Planned Parenthood Ad In Swing States ... As they did during the 2016 election, pop stars from Katy Perry to Billie Eilish to the Foo Fighters are now joining forces with abortion conglomerate Planned Parenthood in a get-out-the-vote campaign. Eilish posted several images of … (Unless Billie is just trolling all of us, because, um, it really does seem like the sneakers are pink and white!) It's "The Dress" all over again! The vegan musician shared a video starring Pink that exposes animal cruelty in the wool industry. LISTEN: ‘Little Miss President’ — Amazing New Audiobook Has... How to Avoid Overspending During the Holidays. FREE Shipping on orders over $25 shipped by Amazon. Blue and gold. Singer Pink Blasts 'All Lives Matter' Commenters After Sharing Billie Eilish's Message Singer Pink just blasted a commenter on Instagram after … “It is blue and gold. The internet is on the verge of breaking over another color debate and this time, it's Billie Eilish's optical illusion sneakers causing the uproar. Why is … Billie Eilish posted a photo of her new Nike Air sneakers and she swears they are green and white. “So, we all know that I’m right here,” Billie said in another video, putting the crazy controversy to rest. Top Laptops for 2020 & 2021: What You Need... Pro-Trump Social Network ‘Parler’ Exposes Visitors to Porn Content, TikTok ‘Catfish Challenge’ Exposes Truth Behind Social Media Posts, Reviewing ReThink – The Anti-Cyberbullying App. The new song will be a follow-up to her hit single “my future,” which was released in July and topped Billboard’s Hot Rock & Alternative chart. In fact, according to Billie Eilish, they don’t even make the Nike Uptempo in pink and white! WATCH: ‘Stillwater’ from Apple TV Gives Us All the... WATCH: ‘Rhyme Time Town Singalongs Special’ Exclusive Trailer, Teacher Suspended for Transphobic Facebook Posts. Billie Eilish and Pink Want You to Ditch Wool, How the Netherlands Is Leading the Vegan Food Industry, The World’s Biggest Meat Show Is Now Open to Alternative Proteins, A 3-Story Vegan Innovation Center Is Opening in the Netherlands, Vegan Stock Alert: Eat Beyond Announces IPO, Beyond Burgers to Launch in 7,000 CVS Stores. Apparently, Billie couldn’t stop thinking about “The Dress” after that, because in another Instagram Story she whipped out a pair of her Nike Uptempo sneakers, which also appear to be different colors depending on who’s looking at them. Pop Culture Print, Pink Print, Home Decor Wall Art Print StayWildPrints. The shoes are actually mint and white, although in warmer indoor light, the white on the "Air" photographs as light pink. (Bear with me, I’m getting back to the dress.)

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