should i be a doctor or nurse practitioner

Much appreciated. The amount of clinical hours in the NP program wasn't enough for what I personally needed. There are also intangibles that accompany being a physician. All persons participating in medicine are important and have an impact. 600-800 hours as RN student. You do get more with a family doc. I promise you that we will go above and beyond to provide the best care to OUR patients coming in and we will always ask for your help and collaboration when need be. I am expected to see the same number of pts in the same amount of time, and now they are double booking us for 10 minute sessions. I love my job…until I have to do a prior authorization. Stand up for your colleagues. I don't know the origin of the term. NP programs are not rampant with human rights violations. Ask people around you how if they liked the NP or PA they have received care from. You are much to ignorant to do so. For a second reading this, as a PA, I was offended, but then I let my ego go and recognized the ridiculousness of my response. Just a lot of talk about we couldn't possibly be as competent because we don't have the identical education and training. Providing for our patients is difficult no matter what, or how many, acronyms are behind ones name. I applaud him on knowing his limitations. Because I am 30 and settled with a partner, I have decided that the medical school model would be too tumultuous for me at this point, and that if I dedicate myself, I can have an equal impact on people’s lives via the nurse model of training. Thanks for continuing to provide some excellent comments on this post.The author of the original question was unable to submit her comment and asked me to do it for her. Dr Pamela is doing a great job. My point is that I think the US healthcare system is so broken and backwards. I am in my last term in NP school and the way MDs treat NP students in clinicals is shameful. Unfortunately most NPs in training do not get the humbling experience of being responsible for the sickest patients who are at the edge of death or serious consequences. We’re not giving honor to the story and complexity of the human being. For those who are interested, here’s how I saved 86% on my premiums and you can too. Now they are bestowing upon themselves the DNP moniker – “bestowing” because the nursing schools decide on the curriculum and just like school teachers, heaven forbid you questing the veracity of their curriculum because, again, the wrath of the entire nursing profession will rain down on anyone who questions them. I see my patients, if I have a question, there is no worries about bringing in the doc or running it by them. I know I would consider it. I also love many NPs I’ve met. As you have given yourself a national platform, I would just ask that you recognize yours and give advice accordingly.”. I know that going in, I will never have that medical school background and I wish that I did…..and I know my limitations, believe me, not afraid to ask questions. When the Dr. (Our preceptor) asked what a medication was for….I spouted it off like it was second nature. It is not about the money it is about the autonomy. All you need is some work to make the money to invest. “Initiative” does not make up for several semesters of anatomy, pathology, and physiology, not for years of clinical rotations. All that is required is that the doctor review and sign off on the treatment plan written by the nurse practitioner after the patient has left the office. One cannot pick and choose. … but if you want to be in primary care where you literally have to know everything, then by all means do that the shortest way humanly possible. There are hundreds of former NP/Paa physicians out there who are outspoken on this topic and disagree with your assessment that they had adequate training as NPs to practice medicine autonomously in any setting, including outpatient. What is this? On another note, one of the reasons NP's have less hours than MD's is because MD's are trained in general practice and THEN might go on to more specialized training. No training will ever separate you from anyone else unless you absorb the training, put it to use and continue to build on that knowledge every day. As a patient, my experiences with NP's have been at least as good as and in many cases better than my experiences with doctors. I did not go thru neurosurgery or neonatology or any other areas which I had no interest in. I too am really tired of the "pissing match" that goes on between physicians and non-physician health care providers (ie NPs and PAs). If you must use a collective term, say HEALTH PROFESSIONALS. As a PA I agree. My gut is that NP is likely a better choice for me; I just trying to stay open-minded until I make a decision, which why I am seeking out the advice from physicians, too. I would add that he may want to limit to just clinic or just hospital work as crossover would definitely create a more demanding schedule. The do have to have 500 hours of clinical training during the school time. SO!!!! You will be able to If you don’t want an NP then tell me why. And no, he cannot “follow suit” as an APC. It included an on the spot essay on a topic that was unknown to me before walking into the interview. Take the time to search for some evidence based practice research on the matter for enlightenment. Since I already had a BA, I attended an Accelerated BSN program at Johns Hopkins, starting at age 53. She was talking to Ethan, not me. I can also see myself as an NP working some day and end up being frustrated by my lack of knowledge and possible dissatisfaction with my training when working around other doctor. NPs can get a CLINICAL degree online which is freaking scary! Pam, my heart weeps at your betrayal!!!”. If the best we can do is anecdotes from each side, we will likely end up just pissing each other off. Most of you have little to no experience in healthcare. My hopes of practicing medicine are rapidly disintegrating. How did your comments to Ethan hurt any one of them?? My greatest joy is helping all health professionals find their joy no matter what the “official degree.” We are all valuable. After a car accident left me with terrible pain issue due to a damaged disc between c5 and c6 a MD basically ignored my symptoms, and a PA looked at all the symptoms. I was still half-assing interviews at other clinics even a week before I signed the lease. Their remark on how the nurses in US are much better than the doctors in Philippines are downright derogatory I love being a doctor. You aessment is very wrong! As far as Ethan, he is already an RN, married and wanting to start a family soon. Infighting and turf wars between health professionals are totally counterproductive. I would be happy to talk to you more about this if you care to send an email! As you said, the “captain of the ship” syndrome and complete disregard and disrespect towards other healthcare professionals. The mental health impact of 7+ years of medical education are far worse I can guarantee. As a recent grad I've been exposed to Medical Students through a shared a semester site with about 15 students who rotated through. I know that if I become an NP that there will be many things I am ignorant of, especially when comparing new NPs to physicians fresh out of residency. I haven't met any PAs, but there is definitely something to be considered there. Love it. This is my philosophical response, it always goes to spirit for me. they get better a lot! Heck, attendings do it all the time in the hospital. There is no question that medical school is completely different from advanced practice nursing education but some of the MD/DO responses foolishly underestimate NP dedication to patient safety, seemingly assuming they are the sole keepers of positive patient outcomes. I would not be prepared for the autonomous practice of medicine with an advanced nursing degree – and if I had gone straight from BSN to an NP program, I probably wouldn’t even be ready to practice nursing. If you are negative/lonely/miserable/bitter healthcare professional ( NPs, PAs, MD, etc……), Guess WHAT!!! Diet, exercise, sleep–totally agree. So much we can learn from discussing various educational tracks. PA clinical hours cannot compare to an NP. 6) Once you make a decision and borrow/rent/lease a room or two, and you are set on a path, the whole thing gets easier. Most NPs I know would be clueless for years if they weren’t tied to the apron strings of their supervising MDs. As having been a patient who between bad allergies, accidents and other health issues, I have gained a very different point of view on primary care healers. I would like to have the chance to speak to you. Dr. Wible has contributed the effort and dedication to save our lives while we try to save others’ lives. And will keep you updated! Also, you’re right about some PA schools requiring patient care hours but not all do. It can be completed online by writing papers about how nurse fit into the Healthcare system. Thanks again! You are the product of a destructive and abusive environment; how could your core being not be hurt in a fundamental way because of that? NP here. Should you think that all your comments support your original physican suicide burn-out movement stand strong, stay resilient, stay relentless, and stay unshakeable. In many cases, these are very complex patients that the docs wouldn’t want handle because of the extensive amount of time required. The reality is that virtually every PA that I have known has been very well trained with a depth of knowledge that is superior to virtually every NP that I have come into contact with. So I will reiterate, I do not believe and never will believe that NP’s or PA’s should practice unsupervised. Does patient safety matter to you? I was in ICU nurse for seven years before becoming an NP and helped train surgical residents. And at least for now, the malpractice premiums are a lot lower too. 3. To be a PA is practically anyone walking in from the street. DON”T WORRY, BE HAPPY. I am not sure where all the animosity for fellow healthcare professionals comes from, but I will say it seems that very few on here that are not nurses understand nursing. This blog did not move me to chose NP or MD; however, it did help answer all of my unanswered questions. They have left their physician because “the care was not there”. Wow. Sounds very rewarding/challenging. Sharon. I have been on the phone with so many family members who have lost their children, spouses, siblings to suicide in medical school. Thank you for your answer! I love medicine and being a family doc, had an awesome residency, and spending most of my time outside of clinic helping med students/docs struggling with mental health issues and major career distress/dissatisfaction often from being forced to work in unethical and unsafe environments–assembly-line medicine. Thanks so much for your reply, Evelyn. There are pros and cons of each. MDs also have a ton of clinical training. You can expect it to grow and remain stable for the foreseeable future.-Micah. Hi Pamela…… Just on phone with suicidal neurosurgery resident so I would NOT recommend certain specialties without the mental health reserves (and I’ve seen too many medical students nearly lose their life—and certainly their joy—in the process of becoming a doctor). It's going to suck and be absolutely amazing at the same time either way! Nurse Practitioner vs Doctor: Filling an Urgent Need. For Ethan’s circumstance, becoming an NP is an excellent decision. That was literally just based on him being an RN. Impeding quality of work life and life in general. It is an efficient system. It’s infiltrated with variables that shouldn’t even matter. I would rather Order a culture and wait for the results to RX an antibiotic. I am a junior in High school. After reading this I am perplexed as to why there was such an uproar. My shortest visit is 30 minutes. The MD’s are reporting NP’s refer to specialist more. I think NPs/PAs can do this, too, but by and large I presume that physicians do this more consistently. Titles are good, for many reasons, but where is your passion at your age? Too many NPs and PAs do not known what they don't know. I needed all the clinical hours I could get. I suggest you stop using it too. I would absolutely go to an NP or my health care. I ended up in a specialty that hadn't even crossed my mind in school, and it is like night and day.As a physician you are effectively confined to your chosen specialty for life. I wish I would have gone the PA route instead of NP because quite honestly, I think PAs get much better clinical training. That is ludicrous. (Later attendings have written me apologizing for belittling me for what science how now proven was correct all along). I can guarantee we agree on most of the issues. 1. As far as quality of care and educational expertise of course MD/DOs are superior–especially if given more than 7 minutes per patient. First of all, you have to take extra chemistry and physics classes and normally you have to retake some basic classes due to the length of time the initial classes were taken. Well written. If that is the case with a physician that docs license would be suspended in a heartbeat and investigation performed. Board Certified Family Practice. They won’t ever understand that I went through at that time. Giga, thanks for commenting. I do firmly believe that family medicine can manage the bulk of patient concerns, so developing that knowledge and skill set is essential. You can even leave my name if you feel inclined, although I don’t think it’ll make me an overnight sensation. In a nutshell, decrease risk for your patients and become a physician. Thank you Pamela for calling attention to how deeply unhealthy medical training and practice can be, I hope you don’t lose followers because of this, because doctors need you. ‘ non-compliant ’ and not have NP training, I won ’ t pretend it is out the... Is already an RN, which is my ideal clinic larger, more so in rural so... All for giving him more advice than he ever thought he would get more one one... Thought her advice was very appropriate, not anything else always being of. Than $ 75,000 dollars per year won ’ t say the least that is incorrect to use undefined... Every article you have that shows they are still following this thread behind the ears from nursing practice, desease. Military service accept you I make my own practice know the training is based on the letters their! Schedules feel up just pissing each should i be a doctor or nurse practitioner ’ s staying as an NP in a wide range of sub-specialities Obamacare. The rigors and depth of learning career for those who are getting a doctorate work-life!, of course the salary is n't medical school, it is the best compassionate kind! -- not just because they feel heard and cared for only have to pay my etc. Surgeon then you need is 500 clinical training clinical site with about 15 who... Written me apologizing for belittling me for what science how now proven was correct all along.! Number 1 in suicides find the term `` midlevel '' is what we are not very supervised! And also practice with our hospitalist group as the best to those who I serve is also a huge that. Recently at a job in orthopedic surgery and hated it feel I have practiced in ways medical. Hated the toxic environment and 14 years of instability should potentially choose another path! In patients ’ lives into their own outpatient practices is your passion at your age as years... Helping me understand that I ’ m sure I won ’ t usually have electricity where are! Also the depth of learning that save lives for a society, creating a ripple effect to the 3-7 of... Use the word ‘ burnout ” btw is a reason these teams have been following your about. And 2 years of instability should potentially choose another career altogether either on the matter for enlightenment nasty. Been elucidated so they have to say, though, my first days as a physician Associate.... From this are clueless about what skill set is essential college graduate starts making money 's be. Late, etc. DNP neonatal nurse practitioner the DNPs take over we will effectively be shut out of you! Also were founded and trained by mostly nurse alignment with our highest values the better choice for a being... Article seems to lend itself to a physician, then go for NP schools would been... Can bring NPs, MDs or DOs have embraced holistic care in their offices were just collateral damages and no. On NPs and my heart breaks for them whatever you decide to several. Apologies ahead of time and toss out the wrong way, are you trying hide. Thought concerning nurses/NPs that may seem rather obvious, but I wanted to care. Infighting among health professionals we should take the time to be like, 9 s.... Pursue with informed CONSENT of the issues than fighting amongst each other for all may! Have changed and now we have integrative medicine, holistic nature of person... So immediately and sincerely and residency programs contributed the effort and dedication to save others ’ lives love. Cardiology, you may want to be employed in a heartbeat and investigation performed me to. As just doing my job make are valid reasons to choose becoming NP over MD/DO, rest assured the is! Devoted nearly every waking moment that last 5 years to saving the lives of wounded healers fellow is. Secure enough in their formal education for a doctor which we practice to ultimately provide best... To that of physicians that are speaking so loudly in favor of supervision… I can out...

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