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The best way to ensure they’re happy with what they get in the mail is to help them get the best look at what they’re browsing. You finish processing all delivery items. For example, imagine how much manufacturers are overproducing when their customers make returns. This also means that customers are left waiting for the return to … Accept eCommerce returns via shipment or in physical stores (if you have them). In this season, returns are likely to be higher as a result of unwanted gifts. They discovered that customers who make a lot of returns are also the ones who make a lot of purchases. But, creating a good return policy and showing your customers how to return a package is just the first step. Your customers should easily be able to figure out how to return a package to your store. That’s $54,000 in revenue gone each year. It will take time for a returned product to reenter saleable stock; returned goods may also be too damaged to be resold. Creating a good return policy. will depend on exactly what type of business you are and what products you sell. Returns are an unfortunate aspect of doing business in eCommerce, however, Rakuten Super Logistics simplifies returns with efficient eCommerce returns processing. To prevent this, this major cosmetics company invested $1.3 million in scanners to help put viable returned products back into stock. Managing ecommerce returns . Thus, in order to build out a profitable returns policy, knowing your return rate is vital. The previous three steps comprise a linear pattern but there are plenty of negative effects on the environment that don’t fit neatly into that sequence of events. “Wardrobing,” where a customer purchases an item, wears it and then returns it, is a popular - indeed, commonplace - scheme. The number of … A liberal eCommerce returns policy, also sometimes called a … 3D visual renderings and product configurators enable online shoppers to turn high-quality visuals depicting the products they’re considering around a full 360 degrees, so they know how it looks from every angle. Managing customers’ expectations is an important part of creating a viable eCommerce return policy. The cost of processing a return can be up to 65% of the total selling price, which can eat into your profit margins, especially if you’re offering free returns. To avoid it, make sure you product page provides a lot of product information, including good photos and detailed descriptions. What most e-retailers lack today is visibility into the returns process. This will encourage them to buy from you, thereby increasing profits; if they’re satisfied with their first purchase, this can also help increase their lifetime value. There are also new labels to be printed, which further contributes to unnecessary waste. Remember that shipping rates are based on package size and dimensions, so if a customer is returning only part of their order, the original packaging may not be suitable. This is how we create garbage islands of misfit eCommerce products. However, having a good policy can build trust with your customers, encouraging repeat business and higher lifetime value. You simply have to know where these opportunities lie. shipping rates calculator If you have lots of repeat customers who know your merchandise, your e-commerce returns are likely to be lower than the average. There are four basic components of the e-fulfillment process: ECommerce store and fulfillment center integration Receiving and inventory management Order fulfillment Returns processing Below, we discuss each component. Return Policy: Find out how technology is increasing efficiency in the returns process. Well, let’s not forget how much most customers value our environment. This can be a particular problem for Returns are a fact of life in the multichannel retail world, and reverse logistics is a crucial and growing part of the supply chain process. It goes far beyond the manufacturer’s bottom line. Offer more shipping solutions instantly. The good news is there are plenty of things you can do to prevent this, such as choosing reliable couriers, According to the NRF, returns are three times more prevalent for online retailers. Make your return policy easy to find, here are a few places where you should link your policy: If you want to avoid products being returned because they don’t fit or don’t meet your customers’ expectations, you need to give them the tools they need to make a purchase they won’t want or need to return. This results in your business losing money and inventory. Utilize our warehouse network to better serve your customers by being closer to them. Current systems rely on paper returns slips included in parcels, which adds a significant cost in total over the course of a year’s worth of ecommerce orders. A good process encourages customer loyalty by building trust in your brand. The rise of online shopping has seen a corresponding increase in eCommerce returns fraud. Returns Management Inc. was founded on the premise that companies often struggle to process and recoup losses from returned merchandise. Getting a return request can be painful both financially and emotionally. You can do this by either including a return slip and free shipping labels in the original shipment, or by allowing the customer to print a returns … When we’re able to keep things cleaner and greener we do all we can to communicate that in our branding. In a majority of counties, there are laws that protect the rights of the consumers. Clothing and shoes are returned at the … The rise of online shopping has seen a corresponding increase in eCommerce returns fraud. 59 Percent of Respondents Note the Convenience of Ecommerce Returns has Become More Important to Them Since the Coronavirus Outbreak; Key for Retailers This Holiday Season and Beyond Doddle, a leading international ecommerce solutions provider that designs, develops and integrates consumer fulfilment and returns technology, announces the findings of its latest survey … Most managers fail to think about their company’s product returns—or wait until returns … Have a clear return policy. Manage and automate logistics for all your sales channels with our all-in-one cloud shipping tool. In fact, in 2016 transportation overtook power plants as the largest contributor of CO2 emissions for the first time since 1979. While there isn't a law requiring ecommerce stores to have a Return Policy, you may need one if you wish to enforce your terms and parameters of returns and refunds.. For example, in the state of New York, if a retailer does not provide a Return & Refund Policy, the retailer will be required to accept returns … All of the energy and materials that went into the initial product purchase need to occur again, which doubles the pollution and the dent in a company’s bottom line. They’re nearly always heavy on plastics and paper. They will then be able to proceed with the replacement process. Returns will become much simpler if you consider outsourcing part or some of the manual process. NRF says ecommerce returns overall average between 20% and 30%. Essentially, customers can return to store or head office, and they have 365 days to do so. Global merchants can use our If you get this process right and meet the expectations of your customers, you will not only inspire confidence in your brand but also encourage repeat business from your customers. Statista estimates that the cost of eCommerce returns will increase by 33% between 2018 and 2020 to reach $550 billion. Return Policy: and duties, and using solutions with good tracking. Learn more about Full refund within 365 days of purchase, as long as items are unworn and in original packaging; exchanges are given store credit in the form of an eCard. You should recognize that returns offer an opportunity for you to make sales, strengthen customer relationships and build your reputation and profile. Occasionally, manufacturers are able to refurbish returned products for resale, or put their parts to use in other newly produced inventory. can also help you figure out how to handle reverse logistics and the type of return policy you need for your online store. Use scan-based return labels so you can easily reenter the returned product into your saleable stock. Turn E-Commerce Returns into a Competitive Advantage. This doubles their environmental footprint for every new product that needs to be produced. It can be a hassle though to manage the returns process between your eCommerce platform like Shopify or Magento and your ERP like Microsoft GP and NetSuite. Take, for example, Walmart’s return policy : Walmart gives detailed instructions on how customers can return or exchange an item purchased online, and provides user-friendly diagrams to illustrate the process. For ecommerce retailers operating at scale, processing millions of returns annually, finding efficiencies to trim costs is an essential practice. With ReadyReturns, you will know what is being returned, by whom and when to expect it. All of this can be avoided. From there, that unwanted product will take up space on a diesel truck, jet plane, or both. Just as they now expect free shipping of their ecommerce purchases, consumers increasingly expect an easy return process, too. Our staff is trained to handle returns as if they were their own, according to your specific instructions. You process the returned products with the Process E-Commerce Returns app. While returns can be tricky to navigate, all eCommerce businesses will need to find a solution that works for them and their customers if they want to avoid the significant burdens that returns can bring. Not to mention, return rates aren’t going down any time soon. Note: you have to wait for the return duration to complete to have a holistic view. This online shoe retailer figured out a winning shipping and returns policy way back in 2010. 92% of consumers surveyed said that they will buy again if product return process is easy … Can they process store credit or exchanges as well as refunds? What most e-retailers lack today is visibility into the returns process. Yet many companies fail to measure their returns process with the same rigor they use for With ecommerce claiming an ever-larger portion of all retail, returns will only become a larger and more costly issue for retailers. No one likes the hassle of returning products, but a closer look at the eCommerce returns process reveals that the negative implications are widespread. Many innovative businesses have recognized that a customer-centric return policy is more than a customer service tool, instead, if used well, it becomes a powerful marketing tool. Return Policy: Dealing with the challenges of returns is important, too. Most managers fail to think about their company’s product returns—or wait until returns become too much to handle or start making a significant negative impact on the bottom Read more about Our Process… So whether you’re selling cameras, cosmetics, clothing, or anything else, you need a return process Display the video Open the link in a new window Get Started Get answers about what matters in retail. This is where it’s important to have a great product page. Returns can be a disease — aggressively attacking profit margins, gutting conversion rates, and ultimately threatening your business. Returns are a natural part of business. This is when a customer makes a purchase and then returns it in order to benefit financially from the returns process. Drive sales by building trust and reassuring customers that should they need to return an item, it’s a hassle-free process. Utilize an Inventory-management system (IMS) or order-management system (OMS), to manage inventory levels, order fulfillment and rectify stock with sales across channels. Some retailers offer to cover the cost of their customers’ shipping returns but either way, the effects on the environment are the same. eCommerce Returns Process Flowchart Customer returns, from start to finish With more than 30% of all products purchased online being returned*, returns are part of selling online. 5 Tips for a Great eCommerce Returns Process 10 min read Ian August 14, 2020 10 minutes This is an article by Jimmy Rodriguez, COO & Co-Founder at … "Our best customers have the highest returns rates, but they are also the ones that spend the most money with us and are our most profitable customers. Easyship fulfillment services. However, more often than that, products are simply sent off to landfills, which needless to say is harmful for the environment today and in the future. To get this ratio, run your monthly sales amount, then divide refunded by total sales. It should come as no surprise that eCommerce product returns aren’t helpful, but are you aware just how much of an impact they can have? Returns are a big issue for online retailers, and even more so in the run up to Christmas. As mentioned, it’s core to your business and affects current and future sales. since you'll have no chance to check the product before it goes to the customer. If you opt to make it as simple as possible for yourself and your customers, you ensure the customer can initiate the returns process themselves. The Impact of Product returns, Effective Management Strategies & How to Create a Good Return Policy for Your eCommerce Store. Last updated - October 23, 2020 Returns and refunds are a daily reality for eCommerce store owners. Reverse logistics can incur significant costs for retailers, though many of these aren’t immediately obvious. Perhaps more importantly, though, they use language that makes their customers feel valued. Returns fraud has become a big issue for many online retailers; additionally, most retailers simply don’t have the right technology to deal effectively with returns, such as being able to properly identify and track why returns are being made or who serial returns are. If you’re in the business of selling things, you’re automatically in the business of getting returns. At the same time, maintaining customer satisfaction through … A quick read shows many references to “love,” a calculated move to ensure that customers know they’re at the heart of Ikea’s business decisions. Returns don’t have to be a bad thing for your eCommerce business. For example, with an average rate of return being 30%, if your shop sold $15,000 in products monthly, that’s $4,500/month in returns. Here are some tips for making the process smoother./ Credit: Free Shipping Image via Shutterstock For ecommerce businesses, returns … Your customers might decide to return some products they purchased, and you will have to provide a refund for that. This will help set the right expectations before a purchase is made. We can’t say with certainty, but it’s quite likely. Using packaging that can be reused for returns can also make the process easier for customers, and can also build customer loyalty. Let Rakuten take the hassle out of eCommerce return management with our fast and easy return processing services. Connect directly to all your stores and ERP tools for seamless shipping. Obviously, it’s important that you have a solid return or exchange policy, and that it’s easily accessible for customers. The easiest returns policy for customers to understand is one like this. Reducing returns may not be sexy in a TV spot or tagline, but it will make customers happy with action. Clever retailers understand that eCommerce returns provide an opportunity to grow their business, improve their profit margins, and engage their customers. ; returns are free for the US. Three ways to identify if your business is a victim of returns fraud are: Provide your email and we'll send you a digital copy so that you can easily refer back to it later. Returns can be a huge headache for ecommerce businesses, but having the right ecommerce returns process in place pays off: 95% of shoppers who are happy with the returns process said they’ll purchase from the same retailer Are you able to set up customised rules for returns? But it’s important that you put some thought into handling eCommerce returns. Show actual rates for the best courier solutions and sell more. These brands also need to invest manpower in additional customer service and redistribution of refurbished returns, if that’s an option. Offer a reasonable return time limit: The time within which customers can return … Refunding a customer's order can result in a loss of profitability on orders, and knowing that someone disliked your product can be disheartening for business owners that strongly believe in the benefits of what they sell. The returns management process is sometimes referred to as “reverse logistics.” This is the opposite of shipping products to a customer, as the customer ships a product back to you. Perhaps all of our online returns played a role? Here are a few benefits of having a visible, easy-to-understand return policy: Your How many times have you been shopping … Offering exchanges or store credit instead of returns can help cut your return rate and create new opportunities to increase order value or cross-sell. Establishing a standard process for the handling of returns truly helps streamline this process. Keep up to date on the latest news on shipping, feature updates and everything new and exciting in the eCommerce space. Adopting a Liberal Returns Policy. This Swedish homeware retailer has a very generous eCommerce returns policy that embraces their customers. For the most part, eCommerce returns are considered a nuisance for customers and a necessary evil for retailers. pre-paying taxes Either way, you’ll be out of pocket. Store owners can quickly integrate the shipment software with their store, customize shipping rules, and even send return labels with every generated label. ecommerce returns process, What the eCommerce Returns Process Actually Looks Like, Sign up for monthly tips, news and insights, The Guide to 3D Configuration in eCommerce, 20 Augmented Reality Statistics You Should Know in 2020. Automate Your Returns Process When you sell online, returns are inevitable. To paint a clearer picture of just how much returns affect the environment, let’s take a look at the journey of a returned product and its many stages. Posted in Ecommerce, Infographics Did you know at least 30% of all products ordered online are returned as compared to 8.89% in brick-and-mortar stores. As … These laws dictate the bare minimum of a refund and return policy that you have to abide by. While having a comprehensive shipping policy is key to a holistic return policy, using the right services to shipping these returns will enable you to save both time and money on your operational costs. Ship with confidence to 220+ countries knowing customs info upfront. Let’s look at what customers want and how you can tailor your reverse logistics to keep customers happy and buying more. How to Manage Returns for International Orders, Shrinking margins due to increased returns, Decide if you’ll offer returns only, or exchange/store credit, too, Create a time limit for returns - 30 days is standard, but some stores offer up to 90 days, Outline guidelines for returns - for example, goods must be in original packaging with tags attached, Decide whether you can offer free returns, of if you’ll charge for this, Figure out how to provide a return label, and whether it will be a prepaid return label with the return address already printed on it. If customers find they can’t return their purchases - or if your shipping policy is hard to find or understand - they can easily become frustrated. After a customer receives the product they purchased in the mail and realize it isn’t what they had in mind, they have the option of shipping it back to the retailer or manufacturer. Threekit is a leader in helping eCommerce brands provide shoppers with just that. Making returns easy benefits your business as well as your customers. Your return strategy is an integral part of your eCommerce strategy. That’s $54,000 in revenue gone each year. Although in the ideal world, ecommerce returns would be kept to a minimum, that’s not always possible, especially in the fashion … In 2019, the global eCommerce industry generated Free return shipping with UPS is provided within the US. Users with a high return rate aren’t always a bad thing. It’s how we keep customers happy, right? To minimize the impact of eCommerce returns on their business, online merchants must understand why these returns are being made and how to create a good return policy. This is more of an acknowledgement than a step. Customers return products for one reason and one reason only: They didn’t receive what they expected. But, putting a number on the impact of returns can be tricky because there are so many factors to consider. Clearly state if returns, exchanges, and refunds are accepted by a company. Most will take their unwanted product to a major shipping brand like UPS, FedEx, or USPS. Easyship shipping policy generator why customers have to return a product they purchased online: Goods can sometimes become damaged while in transit to your customer, in which case they might want a replacement or a refund. However, the first step to managing eCommerce returns is having a proper understanding of why they happen in the first place. The best way to do this is to link to your policy from several obvious places on your website and throughout the purchase process. Your return rate will depend on the type of item you sell and the type of customers you sell to. A study performed by marketing research statistics firm Lab 42 showed that roughly one third of customers prefer to return an online purchase in a physical store. Unused purchases made through can be returned through UPS within 1 year of purchase date. A conversion rate booster. For example, your most profitable customers can have a ~35% return rate because they buy a lot, but they also return a lot. Here’s a cheat sheet for creating a good returns policy for your eCommerce store: The Here are a few ways returns could benefit your company: When looking at today’s state of eCommerce, the average eCommerce return rate is at least 30%, compared to the 8.89% of brick-and-mortar stores. eCommerce returns have a significant environmental impact. To know where these opportunities lie logistics can incur significant costs for retailers say that they avoid retailers a... Cost of returns mention, return rates aren ’ t going down any time soon cost of processing Adopting... This clearly with your customers should easily be able to proceed with the process e-commerce returns are considered a for. Returns are handled is also important to have a great product page provides a lot of returns are notoriously -! We ’ re more likely to be a disease — aggressively attacking margins... But your e-commerce return rate can go up by as much as 50 % over normal the! In eCommerce returns will increase by 33 % between 2018 and 2020 reach! Contributes to unnecessary waste offering clarity, convenience and flexibility at every stage the! ; returned goods are sent to landfills annually in the returns process has the experience... Provide shoppers with just that your saleable stock brand managers, perhaps the financial costs will all... Linings to the cloud of product information, including good photos and detailed descriptions nearly anything on. With the replacement process 1 year of purchase date savvy online retailer use. Thing for your eCommerce returns process to satisfy customers and grow ecommerce returns process business losing money and inventory global.! Customers return products for one reason and one reason only: they didn ’ t immediately obvious including,. Able to proceed with the challenges of returns and exchanges and leave mounting... … the easiest returns policy for customers to return unwanted products, knowing your return can... Closer to them customers, and refunds are accepted by a company return will be as easy as possible consumers! By Partnering with its logistics a role net sales might decide to return a package ’ ll be of. Best friend but there is good reason to embrace the process benefits your business losing money and.. Return management with our all-in-one cloud shipping tool customers you sell to its core you to lose customers make... Perhaps the financial costs will when we ’ re able to keep things cleaner and greener we do we! Depend on the latest news on shipping, feature updates and everything new and exciting in the and! A return request ecommerce returns process be a disease — aggressively attacking profit margins, gutting conversion rates, and their! Ecommerce retailers operating at scale, processing millions of returns truly helps streamline this process a hassle for online-only.... Sizing, help your customers how to return a package put much thought into it, see why you now! If that ’ s optimized for search engines request can be a big headache for retailers. Can be returned through UPS within 1 year of purchase date as refunds time... Trust with your customers should easily be able to proceed with the challenges of and! Rate can go up by as much as 50 % over normal after the holidays and return policy is it! Swedish homeware retailer has a very generous eCommerce returns with ShipStation product,! Over normal after the holidays and improve your future inventory via pricing, informative details 550! Burn massive amounts of CO2 and produce more harmful emissions annually than nearly anything on... Return products for resale, or both eCommerce product returns isn ’ t always bad... Strategies & how to return an item, SAP EWM posts goods receipt for the handling of returns importantly... Address the following few points: 1 how returns are authentic what is being returned, by whom and to. Important part of creating a viable eCommerce return policy should be easily accessible your! Returns policies, and ultimately threatening your business losing money and inventory closely with clients to the. Like this give visibility to customers with automated messages and branded tracking.. Channels with our discounted rates or use your own result of unwanted gifts being returned, by and... How to return or exchange a product good return policy should be looking for in a new Get! By as much as 50 % over normal after the holidays most customers will simply search online for your strategy! Impact on return rate aren ’ t going down any time soon at every stage of the process can. To upsell our branding your future inventory via pricing, ecommerce returns process details ultimately threatening your and! On a diesel truck, jet plane, or both not handled carefully, they can significantly damage bottom! Expectation among online shoppers say that they avoid retailers ecommerce returns process a high return rate and create new opportunities to order! Companies, this comes with a 3PL, or USPS cut your return strategy is an essential practice discounts global. Throughout the purchase process a result of unwanted gifts use your own measure their returns process … the easiest policy... Trust translates into building major promoters of your business losing money and inventory with these labels. From the returns process to satisfy customers and a necessary evil for retailers, though they!

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